TLC 010 : On Learning with Stories from History & Literature with Jim Weiss – Part 3 of 3

Most people think that stories are only for children. Or worse, that classic literature is only for high school lit class or college English majors.

In this episode, I introduce an award-winning professional storyteller who has changed all that! He and his wife travel the world while entertaining and educating audiences (young and old) with beloved stories from history and literature.

This is the third of three episodes.

Highlights from this episode:

  • how to translate a story for listeners of differing ages
  • tips for creating simple character voices for telling/reading stories
  • Jim demonstrates with “The Tortoise and the Hare”
  • using audio books to preview classics
  • how to discern which titles are appropriate for your children/students
  • how to create valuable learning experiences by discussing stories
  • how students can learn to look for ethics in stories
  • handling sensitive and controversial topics in history and literature

Resources Mentioned:

stories from history and literature

With Jim Weiss in Greenville, SC – March 2013

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To hear my complete interview with Jim Weiss, please visit episodes 008, 009, and 010.

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Special thanks to Jim Weiss for joining me!

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