TLC 001a – Teaching Literature in the Classroom with Donna Seidman – Part 1 of 2

If you teach classic literature, you may need some fresh ideas on how to improve comprehension and help your students fall head over heels in love with books.

Whether you teach in a traditional classroom, school at home, or snuggle with toddlers on the sofa, this message is for you!

In Episode 001 you’ll learn…

  • how two classical educators use classic literature in their homes and in their classrooms
  • the power of literature
  • how historical context can be formed from classic literature

Helpful resources from today’s episode:  

Thanks for listening! Tune in for episode 002 for the remainder of my conversation with Donna. In part two, we’ll complete our discussion of how to implement reader-response journaling in the classroom.

Connect with Donna on her blog at:

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