TLC 002 : Teaching Literature in the Classroom with Donna Seidman – Part 2 of 2

Whether you teach in a traditional classroom, school at home, or snuggle with toddlers on the sofa, this message is for you! Listen as Donna and I finish our conversation…

In Episode 002, you’ll learn:

  • how Timeline of Classics can benefit classical educators
  • how to study a period of history with multiple students of differing ages
  • the nuts and bolts of reader-response journaling
  • how reader-response journaling improves comprehension and thinking skills
  • how reader-response journaling sharpens vocabulary study and summarizing skills
  • literary analysis through Socratic discussion
  • how reader-response journaling cultivates wisdom, discernment, and thinking

Helpful resources from this episode:

Timeline of Classics with Jim Weiss
Jim Weiss








Thanks for listening!


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