Second Edition – Coming Soon in 2016!

I am pleased to announce that Timeline of Classics is expanding in 2016.  The editing team at the Institute for Excellence in Writing will soon release the second edition!

Second Edition -

With the help of my literary analysis students, I bring you more

“teacher features” to make Timeline of Classics even more useful for busy teachers and their students.

You Can Do It!

You can learn to confidently coach students of any age through any piece of classic literature.

Let me teach you how to make the good and great books come alive. It’s easier than you may think! Here are some simple but effective tools that have been added to the second edition:

  • Reader-Response Journaling: a powerful method for developing thinkers
  • Socratic Discussion: the no-tears formula
  • Vocabulary Study: the secret weapon

Prepare to slow down, dig deep, and watch comprehension soar! I would like to give you a sample reader-response journal that my classes and I created for The Magician’s Nephew by C. S. Lewis. (See the box at the bottom of the post to claim your copy.)

You do not have to be an English Lit major to take on the classics. Thankfully, folks like Adam and Missy Andrews make this doable for us with their award-winning: Teaching the Classics. Don’t miss out on the priceless treasures that await you and your students. I’ve simplified the process for you!

I love this quote by Richard Mitchell in The Gift of Fire:

This is the great power of literature, that by its power our parents long dead can speak to us, and we can listen to them. And if they do not seem to answer when we ask, it may be only because we have not turned the page. And this is the great value of a thoughtful parent or any other true teacher in any other guise — that he has turned many pages.

With all my heart I desire to make your literary journey all the more enjoyable and meaningful. Add the second edition of Timeline of Classics to your tool literary box.

My most memorable moments with my children and my students center around books. I would not trade those times for anything.

May you turn many pages!





FREE Sample Reader-Response Journal

The Magician's Nephew by C. S. Lewis

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