Since Timeline of Classics first appeared in 2011, several people have given us their opinions!

Reviews: Timeline of Classics

Gail, I couldn’t have been more impressed. What a thorough, incredible resource for ALL ages! – W. Reyn, November 2015

The second edition of Timeline of Classics has added a section at the beginning of the book, “Introduction to Reader Response Journaling.” This valuable addition is actually about much more than journaling. It outlines a process for reading and journaling about books that can be quite extensive. – Cathy Duffy, March 2016

Any homeschooler that uses a literature based approach for history will appreciate this resource. It hits just the right balance of selectivity and comprehensiveness, and could easily be used as the basis of all your history studies on its own. – Nelleke, October 2015

You could actually organize all of your history and literature studies from elementary through high school using Timeline of Classics as your single guide. – Amy Blevins

Timeline of Classics was published by The Institute for Excellence in Writing in 2013.

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