Spiral-bound Book – $29

A chronological index of classic world literature divided into four broad divisions of world history:

  • Ancients (5000 BC – AD 400)
  • The Middle Ages (AD 400 – 1450)
  • Renaissance and Reformation (1450 – 1850)
  • The Modern World (1850 – present)

In addition to selected writings, resource also includes biographies, plays, audio recordings, and films.

Arranged in a simple spreadsheet format, this 121-page guide is organized by:

  • description/time period
  • title of resource
  • author
  • approximate age/ability level

For those of us who think chronologically, Timeline of Classics provides points of reference for people, places, and events in world history.

This versatile reference guide can be easily used with any teaching style or curriculum by any student or teacher of history and literature.

Timeline of Classics now includes instruction for Reader-Response Journaling.

This simple, yet powerful method will enable you and your students to:

  • strengthen comprehension by learning to outline each chapter
  • develop wisdom and discernment
  • experience the wonder of classic literature
  • and prepare you to write about literature

Timeline of Classics was published by the Institute for Excellence in Writing (IEW) in 2013

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