TLC 008 : On Learning with Stories from History and Literature with Jim Weiss – Part 1 of 3

Learning with Classic Stories

Most people think that stories are only for children. Or worse, that classic literature is only for high school lit class or college English majors.

In this episode, I introduce an award-winning professional storyteller who has changed all that! He and his wife travel the world while entertaining and educating audiences (young and old) with beloved stories from history and literature.

Join us for the first of three episodes!

Highlights about classic stories from this episode:

  • why you should take the time to dig up true stories from history
  • why original classic stories are superior to Hollywood versions
  • how the entire family (from grandchild to grandparent) can enjoy the world’s greatest stories…together
  • how to coordinate the study of history and literature (and why chronological is a good option)
  • how to uncover the most meaningful way to learn history
  • how to inspire someone (young or old) through stories
  • why gaps in your own education aren’t a bad thing
  • how to use a historical skeleton to plot your course of study

On Learning with Stories from History & Literature with Jim Weiss - Part 1 |

Resources Mentioned:

Learning with Classic Stories

With Jim Weiss in Greenville, SC – March 2013

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Tune in for episodes TLC 009 and TLC 010, where I complete my fascinating interview with the amazing Jim Weiss.

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Special thanks to Jim Weiss for joining me!

Check out episodes 009 and 010 to hear the rest of our conversation…

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