Introducing Timeline of Classics – An interview with IEW’s Andrew Pudewa and Julie Walker

I am pleased to announce the arrival of TLC2!

An Interview with IEW's Andrew Pudewa & Julie Walker

Wouldn’t you know it? Timeline of Classics (the second edition) hit the presses the very same week I visited IEW’s home base for a week of training!

Not only was I overwhelmed by the beauty of eastern Oklahoma, but I could hardly contain my excitement.

This was the first time I had seen the facility where my chronological book list is being published!

Visiting IEW

I serve the Institute for Excellence in Writing as a Certified online instructor, exhibitor, and author. It was a joy to finally meet so many of the wonderful people I work with at IEW.

IEW - publisher Timeline of Classics

During my stay, I was interviewed by Andrew Pudewa (the founder, principal speaker, and director of IEW) and Julie Walker (Andrew’s right arm – aka marketing director).

Podcast #36 – Featuring Timeline of Classics

I hope you enjoy this brief overview of Timeline of Classics: Historical Context for the Good and Great Books! Here are a few highlights from our podcast:

  • what this resource is and why it’s no ordinary book list
  • why it is an important resource for classical educators, classroom teachers, and schooling families
  • who can use it
  • what’s new with the second edition of TLC

For a sneak peak at our reference guide, have a look at sample pages from Timeline of Classics.

During our conversation, Andrew suggested that we could subtitle Timeline of Classics: “A Young Mother’s Guide to the Library.”

www.timelineofclassics.comWith those seven words, he captured the entire essence of TLC!

Helpful Resources from IEW

It’s easy to tell from our interview that Andrew Pudewa is a huge fan of books! Here are some audio talks related to the study of literature that you may find useful and inspiring:

I am thrilled to help with your study of the good and great books! After all, I was that struggling mom, too. That is how Timeline of Classics was born.

850KvolumnsMentioned in this interview:

I hope that you enjoyed our introduction to Timeline of Classics!

Timeline of Classics: Historical Context for the Good and Great Books

What are some challenges that you face when reading with your kids? Please leave questions or comments below.









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