IEW virtual winter retreat

You’re gonna wanna save the date!

If you’ve ever started into the holidays wishing for a little more wind in your sails, then you’re gonna love IEW’s Virtual Winter Retreat!

Have you ever wondered how to equip yourself to teach literature or writing? Or how to choose the best books to read with your kids? Or how to reach struggling learners?

IEW’s 2017 Virtual Winter Retreat features:

Without leaving the comfort of your home, enjoy this rare opportunity to participate in a full day of FREE workshops!

In all honesty, my life as a teacher would not look the same were it not for Andrew Pudewa’s Teaching Writing: Structure and Style and Adam Andrews’ Teaching the Classics. I owe each of them a tremendous debt of gratitude for all the ways they have transformed the lives of my children, my students, and me!.

I hope you’ll be able to carve out a little time on December 9th to REALLY treat yourself to this all-star panel of speakers!

Remember, the workshops are totally FREE, but you do need to register.

Happy December!

P.S. – Earlier this year, I had the enormous honor of interviewing Adam and Missy Andrews , the authors of Teaching the Classics. Be on the lookout for the next TLC podcast!

P.S.S. – If you’ve ever met any of these speakers or know of their work, please LEAVE A COMMENT BELOW! Let us know how they’ve impacted your teaching!

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