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Timeline of Classics: Historical Context for the Good and Great Books! 

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When I began studying history through literature with my children, I had almost no direction and no idea of how people, places, or events fit together…


Timeline of Classics…until we set out to assemble a chronological book list!

By placing the literature of the ages within historical context, we slowly built a framework. Little by little, we could see the panoramic view of world history through the lens of classic literature!

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We never guessed that anyone else would see our “book list.” A friend encouraged me to share what we had compiled. Six-and-a-half-years later, our project was published. One mom who reviewed Timeline of Classics described our resource perfectly:

You could actually organize all of your history and literature studies from elementary through high school using Timeline of Classics as your single guide.

Any student or teacher of history and literature can use this versatile reference guide.

How TLC can make your life easier

For those of us who like seeing “the BIG picture,” this chronological index of classic world literature is a time saver. Hours and hours of planning and research have already been done for you!

Timeline of Classics now includes instruction for Reader-Response Journaling. This simple, yet powerful method will enable you and your students to:

  • strengthen comprehension by learning to outline each chapter
  • develop wisdom and discernment
  • experience the wonder of classic literature
  • and prepare you to write about literature

New in 2016 - Reader Response Journaling

So whether you are a classroom teacher or a teaching parent, Timeline of Classics is useful for students of all ages.


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The Magician's Nephew by C. S. Lewis

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