TLC 003 : Strange Name for an Awesome Resource – The Great American Bathroom Book

TLC 003: Strange Name for an Awesome Resource – The Great American Bathroom Book

Learn how you can broaden your personal knowledge of an enormous collection of classics and topics. This three-volume set is one of my favorite power tools!

On Episode 003 of the Timeline of Classics podcast, we’ll feature The Great American Bathroom Book: Single Sitting Summaries of All-time Great Books (originally titled: Compact Classics)

We’ve all been there…

  • Help! I need a quick reminder of the characters, setting, or plot of a Shakespeare play.
  • It’s been way too long since I studied this in my high school English class.
  • I’ve got to teach this book tomorrow.

There’s a literary goldmine inside each volume!

In Episode 003 you’ll learn…

  • how The Great American Bathroom Book (GABB) can introduce a broad range of titles from classic world literature to you and your students
  • how the GABB books offer a wide variety of biographies, trivia, famous facts, quotes, words and phrases, etc. to enhance your working vocabulary and mental database
  • how the GABB books, alongside Timeline of Classics, provide a powerful combination of resources for studying the good and great books


Featured in today’s episode:

The Great American Bathroom Book

Titles referenced from GABB:

Timeline of Classics: Historical Context for the Good and Great Books

I hope you’re able to glean a few useful nuggets from Episode #003! Let me know what you found most helpful…keep the comments coming!

Thanks for listening…

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4 thoughts on “TLC 003 : Strange Name for an Awesome Resource – The Great American Bathroom Book

  • Hi Gail. Do you think it could be valuable for students to read one summary per day then write a summary of the summary? Over time, students will have a broad knowlege of many literary works. How would you supplement this strategy?


  • Hi Gail. I’ve had all three volumes of Compact Classics since 2004(?) for our homeschool. I wish I’d had Timeline of Classics as well. It would have helped us learn history more easily!

    Question: Does your book reference all 3 Compact Classics volumes?


  • Hi Laura! Don’t you just love Compact Classics? Yes, all three volumes of Compact Classics (aka The Great American Bathroom Book) have been indexed within Timeline of Classics. Assembling TLC REALLY helped me to understand the big picture of world history. Blessings on your studies!

  • Laura, I definitely believe in the worth of reading the summaries. As you said, it will lead to a broad knowledge of many works of literature over time. However, it might be overkill to have students write up a summary every single time. Limit the written summaries. Instead, look at Compact Classics as a valuable and enjoyable resource! I kept my copies easily accessible…my kids fought over them! Since there is such a variety of interesting topics and categories, they literally read from them for pleasure. 🙂 PS – Many years ago there was a template for students to fill out. IF the author’s website is still current, I’ll share the link.

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