If any of these thoughts have ever crossed your mind, then you’ve come to the right place!

  • I know there are important things I should be reading with my kids, but I’m not sure what they are (or how to find them).
  • History is really interesting, but it’s all a big jumble in my head. I’m confused.
  • Classic literature scares me! (I’m not sure how I made it out of my high school English class.)
  • I’m not such a great reader.
  • There’s NO WAY I’m qualified to teach literature to my kids/students.
  • What’s an onomatopoeia?

I was that homeschooling mom with four little kids who really needed to figure out how I was going to use real literature to teach history. This idea fascinated me. So, like every other mom I know, I faced the challenge.

Why I Do What I Do

The whole reason for my website is to help take the fear away from your experience with literature and replace it with a lifetime of memories centered around books. We did it. So can you!

Gail Ledbetter

Earning a B.S. in Bible and Elementary Education from Columbia International University was a good start. Spending six years as a public school teacher was a great experience. But homeschooling our four kids for over twenty years is the best thing I’ve ever done to fill the many gaps in my own education.

Did I mention that I hated reading as a kid? It’s not that I hated reading, it’s just that I grew up on a working dairy. There was much more interesting stuff going on outside with tractors, trucks, cats, dogs, chickens, cows, and people!

Not only did I not read much, but I didn’t comprehend what I had read. (This is REALLY hard when you have a very smart twin who is a book worm!) I did not feel very good about myself.

Fast forward through high school, college, and a career as an elementary school teacher…now my husband and I have four beautiful children! (Ironically, we live on the same family property where I grew up!)

During our years of homeschooling, I quickly found my weaknesses as a teacher. Because I loved history and literature, I desperately wanted my kids to see the connection between them. But first, I had to figure this out for myself…

How I Overcame my Fear and Dislike of Reading, Writing, and Literature

By reading out loud to my kids, I learned to love books. Over time, I spent tons of hours reading, doodling, and laughing together with my kids! Each of them had library cards. I paid countless library fines!

By teaching writing and literary analysis for many years in my home, in local co-op classes, and online, I learned to not be scared of the classics.

After wrestling for six and a half years to build a framework to understand how history and literature connect, I published a book!

Timeline of Classics

You heard me right…

Timeline of Classics was born!

Years of wrestling resulted in a resource called: Timeline of Classics: Historical Context for the Good and Great Books.

Sample Pages

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I’d like to share a little of that resourcefulness with you! The purpose of my website is to help classical educators (and moms like me!) learn to: enjoy literature, connect with history, and think deeply about the good and great books.

Now I coach families in the same areas that once gave me the most trouble. Thank you, Institute for Excellence in Writing! It has been my joy to serve IEW as a Certified online instructor, author, and exhibitor.

My husband and I are nearing the end of our home school journey now that our youngest children are in college.

I’ve come a long way as a classical educator since my early days on my grandparents’ dairy. Truth be told, I’d still rather be working on just about any project or task to be done outside. But now, I am just as likely to be found curled up with a truly fine piece of classic literature and a steaming cup of coffee.

Welcome to my online home, timelineofclassics.com!

Dec 2019

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Sample Pages

Preview Timeline of Classics

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