26 Things I’ve Never Told You


Okay, so this post is all about being transparent, reflective, or just plain silly!

For me, producing blog posts or podcasts can seem so serious. I realize that I do a lot of talking about things I create to try to make your life easier, but I’ve really never shared much about me.

So, here goes!

26 things about myself that I’ve never told you:

  • I love the smell of Playdoh! It’s one of my favorite things from childhood. Someone should make a candle with that scent. The jelly bean people probably already have one. Do you think it would taste nasty? Probably so.
  • There’s a Chief Petty Officer who recently retired from the United States Navy after serving for over twenty years. He served two deployments in Kuwait and traveled the world on active duty and in reserves making untold friends along the way. He was brave enough to live in an attack-class submarine during the first Gulf War and slept in the torpedo room. Others call him Chief. I am honored to call him my twin brother.
  • I’m a craft junkie. From where I sit writing this post, I can see a sewing machine, four cabinets bulging with various supplies, a Cricut machine, a Cricut Easy Press, an ironing board,…you get the idea!
  • I like essential oils.
  • I’m no Christy Brinkley, but I really love my Total Gym! I paid only $20 for it at Goodwill. After replacing the rollers and buying a couple of accessories, it really keeps me sweating. When this one wears out, I’ll upgrade to a model from a more recent decade.
  • Anything with chocolate and nuts has the potential to join my favorites list.
  • Our family has had four Bernese Mountain Dogs. The one we have now is a female named Beatrice. Bea for short. If you’re looking for a gentle, quiet, sweet breed that is perfect for families, look no further! You may have to overlook the 4-inch hair that makes perfect little black tumbleweeds around the house.

Our dog Jack

  • I’ve worn glasses since fourth grade. I’m one of those people who needs glasses to be able to find my glasses. Our kids call me, Velma!
  • I got into trouble a lot as a kid. My twin and I knew every square inch of our grandfather’s dairy barn, pastures, fields, and equipment. We climbed to the very top of his silo more times than we’d want our mother to know about. The barn loft was our favorite place to play. It had an enormous rope. You could jump out of the rafters on one side and swing all the way to the other side! When it wasn’t filled with hay bales, you could play basketball in the loft. The backboard and hoop are still there for the third generation of kids on this farm to play with!
  • Longevity runs in our family. Most of my family members lived to be well into their 90s. My great-grandmother lived to be 100 years old. I’m halfway there!
  • I broke my arm playing football at church. It was no fun starting junior high with a cast! Fiddling with lockers, changing classes, and learning to write with my non-dominant left hand was really tough. Now I’m pretty much ambidextrous.
  • Come to think of it, I was the kid in our family who broke several bones, got stitches from stepping on broken glass in a creek, and missed a family trip to Busch Gardens to have surgery to remove my appendix. (Not sure why my brother and sister escaped all of this.)
  • I will only drink milk with ice in it. It must be because the fresh milk from my grandfather’s dairy parlor was barely above 32 degrees!
  • Since I grew up as a tomboy, I’d really rather wear t-shirts and jeans and have my hair up in a messy bun. It’s a struggle for me to get out the door looking presentable. (I’ve tried very hard to take tips from my little sister who has a cosmetology license!)
  • Everyone in our family likes to cook. Since they all like to eat, we taught all four of our kids to cook. That’s one of the smarter things my husband and I did as parents.
  • Our grown kids would still rather go camping than anything else they can think of. As long as there are trout streams for fishing, we’re there! (PS – when our youngest daughter spent three weeks in Africa last summer, she started fires with animal dung and cooked meals in cast iron skillets.)

Triad East Chick-fil-A RMDs with Mascots

  • Once all of our children graduated from high school, I became a Chick-fil-A Marketing Director. It’s my wonderful, stress-free job after spending 20+ years as a stay-at-home mom. Now it’s my turn to help pay for their college!
  • Since I’m not much of a TV person, I don’t fully appreciate the 60-inch flatscreen television that my husband won in a radio contest.
  • I’d rather do just about anything outside than stay indoors.
  • Even though I read very little as a child, I wrote a book about classic literature! It’s called: Timeline of Classics: Historical Context for the Good and Great Books.
  • I grow, gather, dry, clean, and sell gourds to the president of the NC Gourd Society.
  • My favorite coffee is blonde and sweet…sweet with Stevia. I drink way too much!
  • The beach is my favorite place to be besides home.
  • Although I’m a fairly good typist, I almost always mix up my “b”s and my “p”s when taking notes.
  • Thanks to You Tube and Pat Flynn, I published a podcast in 2018! Since I love people and their stories AND I love to talk, it seemed like a natural thing to do. Sharing helpful information to lots of people is something I really enjoy.
  • Although I can fall sleep just about anywhere, my favorite place to nap is in my ENO on the southwest corner of our farmhouse porch.

Do you have any oddities or unique quirks that are fun or unusual? Please share them in the comments below. Don’t leave me here by myself! 🙂

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